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Our writers (in alphabetical order) 

Dennis BergerDennis is Editor in Chief at HDLiving.com and contributor at HomeTheaterReview.com and Residential Systems. He previously served as East Coast Contributing Editor for Robb Report Home Entertainment Magazine and Editor in Chief with HomeTechTell. In addition to tinkering with home automation and high-end audio products all day whilst wearing pajamas, he collects Star Wars memorabilia and Transformers (but not Star Wars Transformers) and is a stay-at-home dad to his rescued pit bull, Bruno.

Lauren Dragan - With degrees in Music (Vocal Performance) and Audio Production, Lauren Dragan has always enjoyed a healthy combination of art and technology. She spent several years as on-air talent and as the morning show producer for a Philadelphia Alt-Rock broadcast radio station. Now Lauren lives in Los Angeles where she juggles her work as a voice actor for commercials and animation as well as a freelance audio technology writer for publications such as Sound+Vision and The Wirecutter. When she's not wearing headphones, Lauren cooks lots of vegan food and works out a lot so she can be of use during the zombie apocalypse.

Al Griffin - Al is currently a Contributing Technical Editor at Sound & Vision Magazine. He has been writing about audio and video technology since 1994—the same year that he purchased his first laserdisc player. In addition to Sound & Vision, he has held editor positions at Home Theater and Video magazines. He has also contributed articles on A/V tech to Consumers DigestParadePopular SciencePopular Photography, and Popular Mechanics (any media outlet with a "Pop" in it).

Daniel Kumin - Daniel Kumin studied composition with Henry Brant (Bennington), Earl Kim, and Fred Lehrdal (Harvard), among others. Then he got a better idea: AV journalism! He was Technical Editor of Digital Audio/CD Review magazine, and has been Contributing/Technical Editor of Sound & Vision (Stereo Review) magazine since 1989. Kumin has published hundreds, possibly thousands of product reviews, features, columns, and other pieces in virtually every major audio, video, and music-technology title. He lives in semi-rural New Hampshire with wife Elizabeth Hodges (stpetersburgreview.com), and Rusty The Perfect Dog.

​Mike Mettler - Mike is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of soundbard.com, an audiophile-oriented website devoted to the pursuit and appreciation of higher fidelity in all of its forms. Mettler spent 24 years on staff at Sound & Vision, the last 7 of them as Editor-In-Chief. He continues to be an S&V Contributing Editor, writing all of the publication's music reviews and interview features. Mettler started his career at High Fidelity magazine in 1988 before moving over to Stereo Review in 1989, which became Sound & Vision in 1999. Mike has also written for MusicianGuitar PlayerGuitar World, and Bass Player, and continues to contribute "USoterica," a regular column in UniVibes, a Jimi Hendrix quarterly published in Italy.

Geoffrey MorrisonGeoff is a writer for CNET and Forbes, and the A/V Editor for TheWirecutter. He was West Coast Tech Editor for Sound&Vision magazine, Technical Editor of Home Theater magazine, and Editor in Chief of Home Entertainment magazine. His articles have been found in the pages of Popular PhotographyMen’s JournalThe Robb ReportConsumers Digest, and on NBCNews.com, HDGuru.com, and PCWorld.com. 

Wes Phillips - Wes has been in stereo since 1986. Before that, he was in mono. He is a recidivist at listening to music with the intent to commit prose, having written for The Audiophile Voice, The Abso!ute Sound, Stereophile, Video, The Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, Fast Forward, HifiCritic, and The Official Bentley Magazine. He has credits on many recordings as co-engineer and producer. He is a member of The Recording Academy, The Author’s Guild, and the American Society for Journalists and Authors. He worked in record stores, back when they existed and were considered cool. 

John Sciacca - A former golf professional from California, John now resides in South Carolina where he co-owns an Audio/Video Custom Installation business. John is a regular contributing technical editor and columnist for Sound & Vision, and reviewer/blogger at Residential Systems. John also has a personal blog which dares to ask the hard questions like, "Huh?" and "Whaa?" all written in a pithy, deliciously witty and uproarious manner. He recently started Sciacca Drinks blog which focuses on craft beer reviews.

Ken Swauger - Ken has been a professional in the audio/video industry since the late 1960’s. A collector of vinyl records and prerecorded tapes, he has explored every facet of the recording arts and enjoys all genres of music. He has contributed technical articles to Audio Amateur magazine and writes about music listening for various other publications in the audio industry. He currently operates Tape Path a classic audio refurbishing business specializing in Revox open reel tape recorders. He also favors small dogs and soft couches.  

Darryl Wilkinson - Darryl is widely considered to be among the most entertaining and knowledgeable writers in the CE industry. His witty and informed articles and product reviews have appeared on the pages of Home Theater magazine and currently within Sound & Vision magazine and on HomeTheaterReview.com. Wilkinson enjoys wildlife, the tranquility of his rural Missouri farm and an occasional glass of absinthe.