Good product, compelling brand story, frequent customer engagement and smart marketing build lasting brands.

We are the smart marketing part.

These days it takes multiple skills and media to be an effective marketer. The odds are you have some of these skills in-house…but not all. That’s where CE Marketing Pros come in.


Consumer Engagement

Your core customers want to have a relationship with you. They want to know you as people, they want to get a peek behind the scenes and most of all they want to know that you are listening to them. Engage them in a meaningful way and you'll create an army of enthusiastic advocates for your brand. Call (410) 458-3176 or email us and we can show you how.


Understanding your consumers and retailers on a deep level is the best way to start any branding exercise or marketing campaign. Do you really know your customers? Do you really know what they think about your brand and what shapes their purchase decisions? We use sophisticated tools and experienced, accredited research personnel to conduct in-depth and ongoing fundamental research that will help guide you to the best value marketing message and media for your brand.

Research can be a lot less expensive than you think. Give us a call at (410) 458-3176 or email us to learn more. 

Content Creation

“Content is king” is not just a slogan, it’s the way to win customers’ hearts and minds as well as improve your site's search engine rank. We create newsletters, web content, white papers and every type of printed and digital marketing material to inform, entertain and engage your target customers. See examples of our work and then call (410) 458-3176 or email.


Savvy marketers know that the Internet is the primary means consumers use to make purchasing decisions. Your website is the single most important weapon in your marketing arsenal. Is it absolutely the best it can be? We've been designing and executing state of the art CE web sites since 1994 when the Internet was in its infancy.

We can work with your existing web developer or internal IT resources to maximize your current site's effectiveness or start from scratch to build a world class Internet marketing engine. Our MAE content management system was specifically designed to build and edit websites for CE brands. Our sites are more nimble and easier for busy brand marketers to manage. You don’t even have to leave your office to learn all about it - we can take you on an online guided tour. Get in touch today.

Meet MAE

Our fourth-generation Marketing Asset Engine (MAE) website development tool allows you to create and update web content instantly, without having to get an IT technician to do it for you. MAE integrates vital marketing functions such as email collection, online registration and consumer review tools to transform your website from online brochure to a dynamic interactive marketing machine. To schedule a no-obligation test drive, drop us an email or call (410) 458-3176. 


Search Engine Optimization

Even the best looking, best organized website will not attract customers all by itself, In order to attract more eyeballs, you've got to optimize your site to improve its search engine rank. We know how. And if you're interested in paid search marketing (SMO) we can help there too.We can show you how. Contact us via email or call (410) 458-3176.


In this era of shrinking specialty retail outlets, brands are increasingly moving to direct-to-consumer sales. If you're ready to make that step we can help you do it in ways that minimize channel stress. Drop us an email or call (410) 458-3176 and we'll discuss the pros and cons to see what's right for your company. 

Multimedia Production

There's a broad palette of communication media to help get your message across to consumers and retailers beyond PDF brochures. We've produced videos, TV and radio ads, white papers, and yes, even brochures. We can do any of these for you affordably. Take a look at some of our work and then call (410) 458-3176 or email.


Unlike advertising agencies, we understand your business, your customers and the media outlets best suited for reaching the CE customer. We can help you with any and all phases of advertising for print (still a great advertising medium) and digital media, including concept development, graphic design, copywriting and media buying. Most importantly we'll show you how to measure ad effectiveness so you can maximize your campaigns for greatest value. See our work here and then call (410) 458-3176 or email

Brand Positioning

Your brand is your most valuable asset. But brands are like cars and tube amplifiers, they need regular maintenance, occasional tweaking and the rare overhaul. Over the decades we've tweaked and reinvigorated our brands several times to propel and maintain them as dominant brands. If you're looking for a brand tune-up, we can help. Reach out by email or call us (410) 458-3176.

In-Store Displays and POP

No matter what type of retail distribution your products are in, you need to make sure your message gets through to consumers without the half-truths, distortions and poor demonstrations often found on retail sales floors. Many successful brands have found the best answer is automated active displays - they're expensive but devastatingly effective. They're also trickier to design than you'd think. We've built generations of active in-store displays, and can help you build one to make more sales. See our work and then call (410) 458-3176 or email.

Packaging Design

If Apple has taught the rest of us anything, it’s that packaging matters- a lot. It’s one more way that consumers and retailers judge the quality of your product and your brand. In some categories and channels packaging is the salesperson. Get it right, make the sale; miss a step, lose the sale. We can show you the path to better packaging.  See our work and then call (410) 458-3176 or email.

Dealer Portals

You can better serve your retailers by giving them the means to place orders, track shipments, pay invoices, download marketing materials, and engage in product training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We've built secure on-line dealer portals that can do just that. We've seen such portals increase sales, improve cash flow, improve dealer satisfaction and reduce staff workload. Contact us and we'll tell you all about it.