With certain categories of products, the carton fills many roles - point-of-sale signage, virtual sales person, product trainer and of course shipping container. This product was Definitive Technology's first active sound bar and it is packed with tons of differentiating features that needed to be highlighted to consumers and salespeople alike. Big, bright graphics and simply written text helped set this product apart from lower priced, less sophisticated competitors on the showroom floor. Even cartons that will never be seen on a showroom floor deserve careful design. Everything a salesperson or consumer sees that has your brand name on it contributes to your brand's image and value. When you're ready to do packaging right, send us an email or call (410) 458-3176.


Polk entered the over ear headphone market with high performance noise cancelling UltraFocus 8000 (a terrific headphone BTW). The packaging reflects and supports the product's step-up price point with its graphic design and premium materials. Opening the front cover "door" reveals the product itself behind a clear window. Strong photography and text acts as a virtual salesperson on self-service sales floors. High-performance packaging continues to reap brand benefits even after the customer brings the product home. Do you remember the first time you opened any Apple product's package? The quality and cleverness of the packaging reinforced your buying decision and helped establish the Apple brand image in your mind.  If you need to upgrade your brand's packaging please email us or call (410) 458-3176. 

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