CE Wire's turnkey program does the dirty work for you.

In a turnkey program CE Marketing Pros handles all the dirty work. All you have to do is to supply us with your existing email list and periodically tell us your company and product news that you want promoted in your upcoming newsletters. We do the rest. We will create a campaign manager account for you, design a graphic newsletter template with your logo and colors and help you build your mailing list. And of course we will write your promotional copy (if you want us to) and help you select interesting articles from our archives. We’ll send the emails and measure the results (opens, click through rate & etc.) and send you a report.

Do you have a social media profile? We can update that with content. Don't have a social media presence but wish you did? We can handle that for you too. 

All About Campaign Managers

A campaign manager is not a person but a suite of tools to manage email lists, compose and send emails and measure the email’s response. They are normally accessed via a website that has all of the necessary tools available to subscribers. You may have heard of some of the more popular campaign managers such as Constant Contact, My Emma, MailChimp and Bronto.

We Love Emma Best

Let us count the ways we love Emma: Emma is used by some of the most successful brands (such as Stanford University, Bridgestone, Lamar Advertising, Definitive Technology and other brands you know). Emma is reasonably priced; they have fantastic customer service and most of all, it is the campaign manager we have worked with and know best. CEMP’s turnkey consumer outreach programs are executed only with MyEmma.

What we do with Emma

If you opt for a turnkey program with CEMP or just want help getting an outreach program started we will set up an Emma account for you that you and we can use. We will create a custom email template that uses your logo, brand message and graphics for a mere $218.

We will import your existing contact databases into Emma and segregate them into groups. In most cases the groups will be Consumers, Dealers and Export Distributors. You tell us how you want your lists segmented and we’ll set it up. Emma handles new opt-ins, confirmations opt-outs, undeliverable addresses and all of the other best practices of email list management.

You can insert text and images into your own template or CEMP can do it for you to produce a professional-looking email newsletter. Emma can even test up to three subject lines to see which approach gets the most “opens.” And after the mailing is complete, Emma reports the mailing statistics, how many people opened the email and clicked embedded links. You’ll even be able to see exactly which individuals opened the email. Imagine being able to tell that Dealer A didn’t even bother to open an email about your fall sales program but Dealer B did. What is that kind of information worth to your sales effort?

Emma is Cheap

We hate to hurt Emma’s reputation in this way but you should know just what kind of girl she really is

Template design and set up


EMMA campaign manager fee per month*


Up to 1000 subscribers


Up to 2500


Up to 5000


Up to 10,000


Up to 25,000


*total of all segmented email lists per account



Want to know more or sign up for this crackerjack service? Of course you do! Call Paul DiComo (410) 458-3176 or email info@ce-pros.com